PAELLA originated in the country outside of the city of Valencia, where the fertile river valleys run into the Mediterranean sea. This nature preserve provides the ideal spot for growing specialty paella rice, and the proximity to the sea make seafood plentiful. The locals would utilize a shallow paella pan, heirloom-breed Bomba rice, Saffron, and fresh seafood to make marvelous feasts in honour of birthdays, Saint’s days, and festivals.

BOMBA RICE- is the supreme strain of rice in all of Spain. Bomba absorbs three times its volume in broth (rather than the normal two), yet the grains remain firm and delicious. For the perfect paella, there is no substitute.

Bomba is an ancient strain of rice that matures very slowly. Ours is grown in fresh mountain water around the town of Calasparra in Murcia, using aqueducts first built by the Romans. The result is a rice produces an exceptionally dehydrated grain when it is harvested, because it has taken such a long time to mature. This enables it to absorb 30% more broth than ordinary rice.

FREE RANGE- AMOR PAELLA  places the highest emphasis on sourcing the highest quality, meat  by sourcing local ORGANIC and FREE RANGE beef, lamb, pork, chicken and chorizo.   We use only products that have no preservatives, wheat, gluten or artificial additives.

Our Suppliers are

  • Princi Butchers- North Perth
  • Scutti Markets-South Perth
  • Kalis Seafood
  • Poseidon Seafoods
  • European Food Wholesalers
  • The Grocer
  • Centra Fine Foods

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