The Art of Paella – Our Paellas and Tapas are created at your venue by one of our Master Chefs, with only the freshest stocks, best Spanish Calasparra rice and market fresh ingredients !

Our prices are inclusive Chef, required assistant staff, bio-degradable serving bowls, paper napkins and disposable cutlery.

All Paellas start with a Sofrito, or flavour base, of sautéed Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic , Wine, Herbs, Smoked Paprika  and Spanish red peppers called Fioras. The longer the Sofrito cooks, the darker and more intensely flavoured the Paella will be.


Paella de Mar: Local Prawns, Calamari, Mussels, Pipis and Spanish Chorizo, Green Beans, Olives, Capsicum and  topped with Grilled Lemon and Salsa Verde


Paella Pollo: Free Range Chicken, Corn Kernels, Mushrooms, Spanish Chorizo, Olives and flamed grilled Capsicum


Paella Vegetariano:  Field Mushrooms, Green Beans, Asparagus, Snow Peas,  Zuchinni,  Artichoke, char-grilled Eggplant and Roast Capsicum Salsa


Classico : Free Range Chicken, Spanish Chorizo, Prawns, Mussels, Calamari, Pipis, Pancetta, Olives, Green Beans, flamed grilled Capsicum and Grilled Lemon


Create your OWN! select any of the above ingredients to make your unique Paella or add  Crayfish,  Crab, Rabbit, *Truffles, Pancetta, Manchego cheese, Quail, Snails=* In season



Manchego en  Buñuelos de Maíz  Manchego, Corn and Zuchinni Fritters with tomato and corriander Salsa (V)

Sacó de Cerdo Empanada  – Catalan style Pork Empanadas with Spicy Chimichurri Dip

Berenjenas a la Brasa y Quesadillas Calabacín Char grilled Eggplant, Zucchini and Capsicum Quesadillas w/ Chili Yogurt (V)

Pinchos Morunos Spanish Pork Balls with Paprika Tomato and Chilli Glaze

Las setas asadas Chorizo ​​y campo glaseado con una reducción cabernet, balsámico y tomillo- Grilled Chorizo and Field Mushrooms glazed with a Cabernet, Balsamic and Thyme reduction

Pimientos Rojos con Anchoas –Red Peppers w/ Anchovies and Tuna served on en-croute

Estilo Catalán Español  de Patatas – Catalan style Spanish Potatoes, with rosemary and sea salt crust, served with Yaya mayonaise

Spicy quacamole con aguacate, cilantro, tomate, cebolla roja y cal – Spicy Quacamole with Avocado, corriander, tomato, red onion and lime, served  w/  warm Olive  and Flat Breads

Sal y pimienta con salsa de limón aoli Salt and Pepper Squid w/ Lime aoli

Plato de fiesta –Tapas feast Platter: Potato Tortilla, Glazed Chorizo, Manchego Cheese, Cured Champangne Ham , Stuffed peppers, Rolled Anchovies with Cherry Tomatoes



Red Bean Apple y Manchego Ensalada y Hinojo

Red Bean Apple & Manchego Salad w/Fennel and Dill Dressing

Ensalada de Temporada

Seasonal tossed Garden Greens w/ Cherry Tomatoes,  Cucumber, Red Onion, Capsicum finished with a Balsamic Honey and Herb Dressing

Ensalada de Patata Española con Caramelo de Tocino, la Cebolla y el Bebé Coz

Spanish Potato Salad w/ Caramel Bacon, Shallots, Egg, Baby Coz and Creamy Mayonnaise 

Ensalada de Pasta

Spanish Charcuterie Pasta Salad w/ Olives, Pancetta, Beans, Cherry Tomatoes and Poached Eggs

Manchego Ensalada de Queso con Tomates Secos con Cohetes y Semi

Manchego Cheese Salad w/Rocket and Semi Salt Baked Roma Tomatoes, dressed with Aged Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

Calabaza Asada Mediterráneo, Aguacate y Ensalada de Cous Cous

Mediterranean Roast Pumpkin, Avacado and Cous Cous Salad


Pan De Horno-  Sliced Spanish Tomato and Olive Loaf 

Hierba Panecillos-   Fresh baked Garlic, Thyme and Sea salt Baguettes

Pan Plano de Oliva –   Flat Bread w/ Spanish Olives and roasted Red Onion



Our Speciality!!! Churros con chocolate negro y crema de canela 

Warm Crispy Churros dusted with Cinnamon Sugar and served with Chocolate and Orange Cream – Your Guests will be Spellbound  as we cook these Tasty Spanish Treats right  in front of them , mmmm!!!! 

Tartas de crema PortuguésPortugese custard tarts

Catalana de Chocolate Crème Brulee Spanish chocolate crème brulee

Tabla de Quesos Españoles – selection of spanish cheeses with fresh and  dried fruits and quince paste 


Amor Paella’s are cooked in your own home or venue,  for whatever your occasion such as;-  Birthdays,  Anniversaries, Celebrations, Staff  Parties, Openings etc

We have various sizes of paella pans which sit on their own burners so we don’t require electricity to cook the paella.

We can cater for any number of people from 30 to 500 or more.

All of our paellas are gluten and dairy  free and served with wedges of lemon and  Spanish Salsa

See our contact page for further booking details .


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